Francis M. MalcolmFrancis received his elementary and secondary education in the classrooms of the community of Easton. Upon graduating from Easton High School, Francis went on to attain a broad variety of educational experiences in the field of educational administration. He completed his bachelor’s degree at Ricker College and his master’s degree at Cornell University. In subsequent years, Francis also completed advanced graduate work at Columbia University.

Francis Malcolm spent most of his working years as a school administrator. The majority of his career, approximately 25 years, was spent as a superintendent of schools in the state of Vermont. During the last ten years of his professional life, Francis was involved in educational administration in the state of Alaska. It was during his tenure in Alaska that Francis vacationed in the state of California and eventually invested in real estate property in that state. It was these property investments that formed the basis for the legacy that Francis Malcolm willed to the people of Aroostook County.

Upon his retirement from education, Francis moved to the state of California where he resided until his death in 1977. In tracing back through the life of Francis M. Malcolm, it becomes apparent that he was a strong humanitarian with a genuine fondness for the people of Aroostook County. Secondly, Francis Malcolm had a deep respect for his natural surroundings and he was an advocate of studies in natural history as part of the educational process. Through his will Francis M. Malcolm left Aroostook County a legacy that has touched the lives of many of Aroostook’s citizens.