Jupiter med Mars
SaturnSpecial Not-to-Miss Sky Sights in September. 2020

Evening Skies: Jupiter and Saturn dominate center stage again this month as the two gas giant worlds still entertain the eye virtually all night long in southern/southwestern skies. 
Mars now draws attention in eastern skies in late evening, brightly glowing low and ominous among the faint stars of Pisces. Highlight: On Saturday, September 5th, a waning gibbous Moon close encountered the "Red Planet"

Morning Skies: Venus, at near maximum angular distance from the Sun, rules the predawn skies, high in Cancer. A splendid sublime sight brings Venus, the waning crescent Moon and the "Beehive" star cluster in close proximity the predawn morning of Monday, September 14th. Use binoculars!

Moon Phases

New Moon: Thursday, September 17th
First Quarter: Wednesday, September 23rd 

Full Moon:  Wednesday, September 2nd

Last Quarter:  Thursday, September 10th

The Autumnal Equinox, heralding the start of the Fall season, occurs Tuesday, September 22nd with the Sun blazing within the stars of Virgo!


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