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What's Up?  Sky Sights in July, 2021

Evening Skies: 

Venus returns to prominence as the bright "evening star" climbing into ascendency in western skies

Mars draws ever closer to final viewing for this 2021 evening season. The faint "Red Planet" speeds towards the western horizon throughout the month. Dramatic close approach to Venus and the waxing crescent Moon offers fine binocular viewing on July 11th/12th. Mars and Leo's brightest star, Regulus, close encounter on July 29th.

Jupiter and Saturn begin their seasonal dominance of mid-late evening skies low in the southeast with Saturn preceding giant Jupiter. The near Full Moon decorates the scene with the Jovian planets July 24th-26th weather permitting.

Morning Skies:

Mercury flies into predawn significance very low in northeastern skies. The splendid waning crescent Moon pairs up near the planet on July 7th/8th

Moon Phases

New Moon: Saturday, July 10th
First Quarter: Saturday, July 17th

Full Moon: Saturday, July 24th

Last Quarter:  Saturday, July 31st

Alert: Throughout 2021,  the NASA rover Perseverance carries out its astrobiologic mission near Jezero Crater. The innovative crawler will also deploy the Igenuity Helicopter to attempt a "technology demonstration"


"Call the Astronomer" @ the Science Center (207) 488-5451 for any further details on these and other super sky sights throughout 2021.  The Science Center Facebook page also gives weekly opportunity to "Ask Mr. B" posing your astronomy thoughts and questions.

Enjoy the Summer Sky everyone!