Jupiter med Mars
SaturnSpecial Not-to-Miss Sky Sights in April, 2021

Evening Skies: Venus returns to evening skies very low against the northwest horizon by month's end. Even smaller planet Mercury hovers nearby in April's last 2 weeks. Mars remains enfeebled, glowing like a ruddy star, high in western skies between the horns of Taurus the Bull.

Morning Skies: Jupiter and Saturn return to moderate prominence low in southeaster skies this month. Both planets now appear widely spaced compared to last December's unforgettable "grand conjunction."

Moon Phases

New Moon: Sunday, April 11th
First Quarter: Tuesday, April 20th

Full Moon:  Monday, April 26th

Last Quarter:  Sunday, April 4th

Mark your calendars! Friday, April 8th anticipates the long awaited total solar eclipse darkening Aroostook County skies on April 8th, 2024! For more information, contact the Science Center @ (207) 488-5451 or by email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


"Call the Astronomer" @ the Science Center (207) 488-5451 for any further details on these and other super sky sights in 2020!