Special Not-to-Miss Sky Sights in June. 2020

Morning Skies: Venus vanishes from evening skies but vaults back into brilliant visibility before dawn throughout the month. A spectacular pairing with the slim waining crescent Moon occurs before and after dawn, on Friday, June 19th. By month's end, Venus rises unmistakably 2 hours before dawn. Meanwhile, Jupiter and Saturn pair beautifully in south/southwestern skies throughout June. Mars, brightening as Earth approaches, remains increasingly prominent in southern skies. Watch the waning gibbous Moon entertain each world in early to mid June.

Evening Skies: Tiny Mercury may offer binocular gazers a solitary sight very low in northwestern skies  until mid-month. Regrettably, Comet Swan failed to materialize as a bright evening attraction.
Summer Solstice: The longest day of the year occurs Saturday, June 20th announcing the Summer Solstice and the beginning of the Summer season!

Sunny News: On Sunday, June 21st an annular "ring" eclipse of the Sun greets our friends in Africa and Asia.

New Moon: Sunday, June 21st
First Quarter: Sunday, June 28th

Full Moon:  Friday, June 5th

Last Quarter:  Saturday, June 13th