Jupiter med Mars
SaturnSpecial Not-to-Miss Sky Sights in October. 2020

Evening Skies: Jupiter and Saturn dominate stage right again this month as the two gas giant worlds still entertain the eye in early evening hours in southwestern skies.  Note how the gap draws closer between them.
Mars now draws utmost attention in eastern skies, brightly glowing and glowering low and ominously among the faint stars of Pisces. Closest approach in early to mid October as the "Red Planet" commands the night!

Morning Skies: Venus, at a diminishing angular distance from the Sun, still rules the predawn eastern skies, descending through the body of Leo the Lion. Test your acuity by trying to glean the "morning star" after sunrise with the unaided eye about two hand-spans west of the Sun.

Moon Phases

New Moon: Friday, October 16th
First Quarter: Friday, October 23rd

Full Moon(s): Thursday, October 1st; Saturday, October 31st ("Blue" Moon)

Last Quarter:  Friday, October 9th

The Orionid Meteor Shower will lightly entertain sky watching enthusiasts; best seen before dawn Wednesday, October 21st!


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