Jupiter med Mars
SaturnSpecial Not-to-Miss Sky Sights in August. 2020

Evening Skies: Jupiter and Saturn dominate center stage this month as the two gas giant worlds still entertain the eye virtually all night long in southern skies. 
Mars now draws attention in eastern skies before midnight, brightly glowing low and ominous among the faint stars of Aquarius/Pisces. Highlight: On Sunday, August 2nd, a waning gibbous Moon close encounters the "Red Planet"

Morning Skies: Venus, at maximum angular distance from the Sun, rules the predawn skies, high in Gemini. Sharp eyed and patient observers may even spy Earth's "sister" planet during daylight two handspans or so west of the Sun

Moon Phases

New Moon: Tuesday, August 18th
First Quarter: Tuesday, August 25th

Full Moon:  Monday, August 3rd

Last Quarter:  Tuesday, August 11th

UPDATE: Comet NEOWISE,  the bright binocular comet of mid-Summer, now fades to invisibility to the unaided eye as it recedes from Earth not to return to our neighborhood for 6,000-7,000 years!

ALERT: The always reliable Perseid Meteor Shower peaks the night of August 11th-12th. Limited Moonlight should make this shower, weather permitting, a celestial sight to remember!

"Call the Astronomer" @ the Science Center for any further details on these and other super sky sights in 2020!