Volunteer staff, Elaine, Sue, Mary Jo, and Jim at the Francis Malcolm Science Center put together two professional development workshops to help traditional and non traditional area educators learn about the upcoming eclipse.  Eighty-nine teachers, 4-H leaders,Boy Scout leaders and interested individuals attended Trek to Totality I and II.  There were 8 make and take tables for participants to visit and make models of the eclipse and handouts to take back to their respective learners to teach about the upcoming eclipse.  The full dome show "Totality", written and produced by HMNS in conjunction with Rice University and ePlanetarium, was shown and additional information given by Jim.  
Thanks to GMRI, NASA was made aware of our professional development programs.  Read about it here: 
We would like to give a special thank you to the Gulf of Maine Reserch Institute for their generous grant and assistance in putting together the Trek to Totality.  We were able to present two sessions to the educators, traditional and nontraditional, of Aroostook County.  Educators left the sessions with information and ideas to help them with teaching about this upcoming event.